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Project Description
Utility to clean large sets of items from SharePoint (lists and document libraries) using simple filters.

**The tool doesn't depend on the object model, only uses the out-of-the-box “Lists.asmx” webservice**


Usage: BulkDelete <comands> options

-web <Web url>
Url to the web
-list <List name>
Name of the list

-filter <Path to the filter configuration file>
Absolute/Relative path to the filter configuration file
Default: No filter applied
-batchsize <Batch size>
Batch size to execute the delete
Default: 100
-retries <Number of retries>
Number of retries in case of error
Default: 3
Notes: -1 to infinite
-help <Help>
Help of usage

Filter xml sintax:

Caml Query
Caml query options

Examples of usage:

BulkDelete -web http://localhost:555/AttachControl -list Attachs

It will delete all the items of the list, with a default batch size and retries

BulkDelete -web http://localhost:555/AttachControl -list Attachs -retries 5 –batchSize 200

It will delete all the items of the list, with a batch of 200 and in case of error it will retry 5 times

BulkDelete -web http://localhost:555/AttachControl -list Attachs -filter TestFilter.config


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<ViewAttributes Scope='Recursive' />

It will delete items that match the Caml in the “Query” node on “testfilter.config” xml of the list, the query options are also applied.

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